10 Best German Art School Programs for International Students in 2023 : Current School News [Must Read]


– German Art School Programs –

Do you have a keen interest or passion for art? Can you draw, paint, sing, act, dance or portray any form of artistic skill? If Yes is your answer, then the following German art schools with lots of art school programs are waiting for you in Germany. 

Germany, a country in Central and Western Europe, has tons of art school programs for international students who wish to explore their skills
Germany is a very decentralized country. Its art programs for international students are worth going for.

German Art School Programs

Animation, VFX, Games, and VR: Basics

Animation, VFX, Games, and VR: Basics

Animation, VFX, Games, and VR: Basics

A unique opportunity to approach the universe of computer graphics and gain general knowledge in its various segments such as Animation, Concept Art, Special Effects (VFX), Games, and Virtual Reality (VR).
The learning happens during the development of a series of projects, that is, the student will “learn by doing”, in a 100% practical and interdisciplinary way.
The program was created for the student who is interested in the subject, but has little or no experience and would like to become a professional or change the career.
The course is structured in three modules. In the first are key elements such as image capture, creation from raw material, and general notions of the main software used in the industry.At this stage the professions of the areas are contextualized.
In the second and third modules the student chooses a specific area to develop in more depth: Animation, Games, or Visual Effects.
With real briefs, in collaboration with market producers, he participates in all stages of the projects until the presentation to the final customer.
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CLASS’ART Intensive Drawing

The Class’Art is a one-year drawing intensive program designed to provide a strong foundation for students who intend to pursue further studies in academic or professional art schools worldwide or to aid in refining the observational drawing skills of artists with existing practice.
Exercises are designed to foster a rational process for translating visual phenomena with line and value. The rigorous curriculum is centered on the traditional study of plaster casts and drawing from the live model.
Program – Video Game Development
We invite you to experience our online program in Video Game Development. The program develops skills in modeling, texturing, basic scripting, artistic knowledge, and the video game pipeline.
These skills will also help you to create video game assets and incorporate them into a game engine.
Emphasis is placed on providing enhanced learning through teaching complex, technical concepts in an understandable way.
Project-based assignments are utilized to develop a professional portfolio used when applying for careers in the industry.
Video game companies expect you to show them what you can do and this program is designed to build the skills necessary to do so. What will you will experience with us, and the program?
• Fully online and completed from your home
• An accredited degree from our US College
• Extensive video demonstrations and lectures from experienced leaders
• Step-by-step, individualized instruction
• Portfolio development
• Necessary software included in the cost of the program
• Opportunity to complete your studies in the US
• Opportunity to complete an internship in the US after completion of the program
Course of Cinematography
Good photography can often make a film successful, even when the narration is weak. Conversely, bad photography can ruin a good story, even if well told. It is, therefore, a role that arises, in many ways, on the same level as that of the director.
Photography is a very technical department which, however, requires a strong artistic component and is, therefore, suitable for those who know how to combine these two skills.
Course objectives
Telling emotions and stories through the camera and the light is not just a technical exercise but rather the result of research, expressive sensitivity, and careful study of the script with the other departments.
By attending the two-year course, you learn the techniques of using the various types of cameras, from the simplest to the most structured, integrating the use of lenses and lights on the Academy’s sets and in teaching locations to express the mood of a project.
The course also includes the creation of increasingly complex Look books, Colour Correction modules, After Effects, Steadicam fundamentals, and a great deal of practice.
The Academy boasts a soundstage inside Cinecittà with vehicles and equipment dedicated to students.
One Year Course – Animated Film
The course is based on the principal aesthetic notion that animated film is a specific genre of dramatic art. The animation is also approached as a specific kinetic form of fine art.
During the course students learn about various techniques and technologies of animated film – both hand-made and digital (computerized).
They are instructed about general animation concepts as well as specific topics like story-boarding or the structure of animation puppets, which they master as part of simple hands-on exercises.
Students’ artistic sensibilities are refined throughout the course in classical drawing lessons.
Part of the course is also a basic overview of the history of an animated film, both in the Czech and global perspectives, and theoretical principles of animated film. The course is scheduled for two semesters.

Creative Arts Summer School (14 – 16 Years)

This course has been specifically designed for young students who have a keen interest in art, design, and media who wish to develop their artistic talents.
Over two weeks, the summer school delivers an exciting hands-on course, that combines creative teaching with stimulating workshops and practical sessions so that students can explore creative pathways and develop skills for their future.
You will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of arts subjects, giving you the chance to explore your own creative style and your understanding of the creative process, from idea development to finished piece.


• Drawing
• Illustration
• Graphic Design
• Fashion
• Digital Photography
• 3D Design / Model-Making
• Animation
• Print Making
• Mixed Media
• Adobe Packages
• Portfolio Preparation

Diploma in Digital Photography

Discover what it means to take your passion for digital photography and turn it into an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling career at The Center for Arts and Technology digital photography school; one of the leading digital photography schools in Canada.
Learn every aspect of the artistic, technical, and historical sides of digital photography while compiling a professional portfolio through classroom, studio, and real-life assignments offered at the Center for Arts and Technology digital photography school.
Photography may have begun as a hobby for you, but you soon recognized the potential to turn your hobby into something more.
You see the beauty in what others may take for granted, and you know that the right lighting and composition can change the way we look at just about everything.
The thought of working independently excites you and you can’t wait to share your vision with the world.
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3D Animation for Television and Cinema Course

In our 3D Animation program, students will learn how to perform special effects for movies, television, video games, and many other fields in broadcasting and multimedia.
Practicing on state-of-the-art software such as Maya, Vray, Premiere, ZBrush, Photoshop, and Nuke, they will be ready to join the industry in order to tap the full potential of their skills and know-how learned during their training.
With a strong portfolio, our graduates can look forward to a career as a 3D Animator, 3D Artist, Character or Environment Artist, and Special Effects Specialist, to name a few.
Many Inter-Dec College graduates did practical work on large productions such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within, 300, as well as on video games such as Halo III. With the 3D animation program, digital language holds no more secrets for our students.
Course in Photography
Photography is an exciting industry that offers numerous opportunities to earn money, travel, meet people, or even just release your creativity. Not surprisingly, many people are eager to grab a camera and start a career in photography.
However, it would be a total waste of time and effort to just go on shooting without learning the basics of photography and how to be a professional in the field.
ICI gives you real advantage through a photography course developed by industry experts.

Foundation In Arts

The Foundation in Arts program aims to provide students with a quality pre-university qualification while equipping students with the knowledge and understanding of a wide range of areas.
Aside from the well-designed curriculum, the Foundation in Arts will also provide opportunities for students to obtain experiential knowledge.
Areas such as Critical Thinking, Time-Management & Goal Setting, Study Techniques (which includes Research Methodology, Speaking & Writing for Academic Purposes, etc.),
Creativity, and Problem Solving, Personal Development & Leadership are offered to provide students with the extra edge and prepare them not only for their undergraduate years but also for their chosen careers.
These skills will help develop the students’ abilities through a more fun, hands-on, and holistic approach to life and learning.
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