10 Best New Zealand Study Abroad Programs for International Students

1. CISabroad

 Year round CISabroad is a fully inclusive study abroad program, with all your tuition, housing, insurance and support covered, meaning your transition into life in New Zealand is made as smooth as possible.

Choose between the student-populated Dunedin, with all it’s Scottish heritage, and culture-rich, harbourside Wellington: wherever you choose, CISabroad will support you before you travel, as you are settling in and throughout your study abroad program.

Excursions and cultural activities are also part of the package. CISabroad will tailor your study abroad program to your requirements, whether for a year, semester, or just a couple of weeks.

Location: Dunedin, Wellington

2. American Institute for Foreign Study

American Institute for Foreign Study is a long-standing, recognized study abroad program provider, having worked with students all over the world since 1964.

AIFS’ program in Wellington makes it simple for students to enjoy their study abroad in New Zealand by including and arranging all tuition fees, accommodation, meals and student support, as well as a range of cultural experiences.

Students even have a choice of living arrangement, from shared student apartments to independent living to home-stays. Whatever you choose, AIFS will make the process as stress-free as possible.

Location: Wellington

3. IES Abroad

Choose to study for a semester or a full year at the University of Canterbury, in amongst Christchurch’s rapid and exciting regrowth. After earthquakes devastated the city in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch has seen a wave of inspiring development, and students abroad in this city will experience the beginnings of new businesses, and the realization of great potential.

IES Abroad’s program includes all tuition, which takes place in small classes with local and international students, accommodation, visa processing, trips, and a range of outdoor activities.

Location: Christchurch

4. University Studies Abroad Consortium

 International students at Auckland’s Massey University can choose to enrol in one of their departments, from social sciences to business to creative arts. Students also have the option to take classes specializing in New Zealand’s culture, where they can learn all about the literature, cinema and environment of where they live.

You will even have the opportunity to learn the Maori language! USAC offers assistance with enrolment, housing, visa processing and insurance, giving students more time to enjoy their stay in New Zealand.

Location: Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington

5. University of Otago

Live like a local in Dunedin, sharing a home and attending classes with international and local students, right in the centre of the city. The University of Otago offers study abroad programs from undergraduate level all the way up to PhD, so postgraduate students still have the chance to study abroad and benefit from immersion in a different culture.

With ample opportunity to travel, students abroad in New Zealand can explore the whole country and others, or, if they prefer, they can spend their free time exploring the city’s botanical gardens, churches, and galleries.

Location: Dunedin

6. Pacific Discovery—Gap Year, Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

  • Where? Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Queenstown, among others
  • When? Year Round
  • Why? Three cheers for New Zealand summer study abroad! Take advantage of a different kind of study abroad experience with Pacific Discovery—travel through Australia and New Zealand whilst learning on the road! Study and practice conservation throughout your trip, putting your newly acquired skills to test in national parks and marine reserves across the continent, as well as enjoying exciting extra-curricular activities, from hiking to canoeing, rock climbing and surfing. All activities, projects and lectures are included, as well as accommodation, meals and visas.

Location: Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Queenstown, among others

7. BCA Study Abroad

BCA Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to study a semester or a year at the University of Otago, in the scenic city of Dunedin. In addition to their studies, students can socialize by joining one (or several!) of the university’s societies, from dance to music to sports.

BCA Study Abroad also assists students to find volunteering opportunities, adding even more valuable skills and experiences to their study abroad program. An all-inclusive program, BCA Study Abroad provides students with their accommodation, university classes, orientation and guidance throughout the process, as well as cultural activities and excursions.

Location: Dunedin

8. Carpe Diem Education

More than a study abroad experience, Carpe Diem Education’s South Pacific semester offers students the opportunity to travel and learn simultaneously. A true cultural immersion, students will study environmental issues and conservation and learn about aboriginal culture as they explore New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

With a balance of educational activities, guided experiences and free time, students will open their minds to different ways of living, learning from traditional cultures, whilst socializing with international students from all over the world.

With continuous support from Carpe Diem Education, students taking part in this experience will be well looked after at all times.

Location: Rural Areas


 AFS-USA’s study abroad New Zealand program is specifically designed for high school students, providing them with all the support and guidance they need to boost their high school career by studying abroad.

Offering a choice of schools in different locations, AFS-USA will place you in a program that’s right for you, depending on your interests, and will check in with you regularly to ensure you are enjoying your time in New Zealand.

Every step of the process is tailored to each individual student, from the school to the host family with which you will stay—a great way to fully immerse yourself in New Zealand’s culture! On top of all that, students will have the opportunity to explore hot springs, beaches and mountains as well as their new hometown.

Location: Auckland

10. Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs

Take advantage of a dramatically different learning experience: forget stuffy classrooms and lecture halls, HECUA’s New Zealand study abroad program takes students to biodiversity sites, historical and cultural areas to learn first-hand about the people, places and events that have contributed to New Zealand’s history and development.

The second part of the program involves local home-stays, independent project work, and an internship, offering students valuable work experience as well as learning leadership and independence.

Location: Wellington

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