100 Latest Ankara Styles 2022 Checkout Nigerian Ladies Concept


100 Latest Ankara Styles 2022 Checkout Nigerian Ladies Concept.

Check Beautiful Ankara Styles 2022 – Beauty is everything in the world today and as a lady, Ankara clothing styles are one of those powerful designs that will change your attire perspective.

To clarify doubt wriggling round your mind, pick any desired design from the catalog below and allow your intellectual seamstress handle the rest.

In this page, I’m gonna expose to you base on our research over the last couple of months about best beautiful Ankara Styles that will blow your mind just like Davido newly released track. “Blow my Mind”.

So, take your time, read carefully and pick any design of your choice.

It’s amazing with what Nigerians and Africans are doing with Ankara today. From wonderfully designed blouses and skirts, sleek tops, dresses, gowns, bags, shoes and even book designs, the possibilities are endless.

In Nigeria, and other African countries that are into Ankara styles, it is slowly becoming a trending habits for women and young beautiful ladies getting those handmade dresses for their occasions such as birthday, wedding, Aso-ebi, and even the birthday shower and baby shower.

People from all over the world are fast embracing the Ankara fabrics and the designers truly deserve some accolades. Their ingenuity has made the Ankara a pleasant fashion statement across the globe.

See the Trending Ankara Styles So Far this Month

The following fashion tips will be helpful to you when going for the Ankara fashion style;

  • Focus on the central elements; laces, frills, and ruffles
  • Go for bright tones, geometric patterns, and color mixing
  • Go for African ethnic patterns; floral prints which cover your outfit
  • Deep cuts and slits for skirts and dresses, however, these are most suitable for the slender ladies, but with the right skills, they can look feminine and stylish on anyone.


This style definitely offers a complete fashion package, can be described as the right trend and very classy enough to wear to important occasions.

2. Belts can be worn with any look; Leather and suede leather belts are popular.

Perfect outfit if you are the type who loves a bold style, but simple at the same time. Something different can be done with the low neckline if you do not like it too revealing.

3. Flared shorts and trousers are a great Ankara look to go for.

Ankara pants styles for ladies in Nigeria

If you love your boot cuts, now is time to have them sewn with Ankara, it is even more smart and colorful with Ankara.

4. Sleeves sewn like a bell are trendy.

Ankara dress styles for ladies in Nigeria

Ankara dresses styles

You probably want to storm a party with a dress that is simple, decent but dramatic enough to gather attention, the queen’s style is the perfect fit.

5. Striped items are also loved by fashionistas.

Unique Ankara styles

6. Ankara dresses styles for ladies in Nigeria

8. Dresses and gowns can have several layers.

Unique Ankara dress designs

Latest Ankara dress styles

9. Specific Ankara Designs for the Ladies

The Ankara lace style can be an asset to your style. There are several lace styles to choose from, depending on the event, your skin color, body shape, and taste. The Ankara lace style works best for parties such as weddings and birthdays.

The Ankara lace combination is beautiful and unique. The Ankara fabrics are already beautiful on their own and adding lace makes them appear more colorful and attractive. The lace material is both classic and elegant and is perfect for light outfits like blouses and dresses. The lace is used to decorate various parts of the dress at the waist, tail or the arm, the choice is yours. Lace can make your dress look more refined.

Ankara lace styles for ladies in Nigeria

Latest Ankara lace styles

10. Ankara Jacket Styles.

Feminine Ankara jackets are popular. They can be worn either fitted or free and clichéd together with a fashionable belt. Jackets which resemble cardigans and have a classic collar are superb. You can either make the sleeves wide such that the volume and bulges look good and stylish at the shoulder.

Concerning the most recent Ankara coat styles, designers offer coats of brilliant hues with decorations. Such coats splendidly suit pants and single-shading pants. With the Ankara coat, you can wear a monochrome belt. Coats generally come, when in doubt, fitted or semi-fitted, long to the center of the thigh or just beneath the midsection.

They can be with a turn-down or stand neckline. A few of them can be worn without a shirt, and some make a perfect look in the mix with a one-shading dress. There are also appealing alternatives with sleeves. For those who love the peplum style, Ankara offers peplum coats as well. Coats of a great slice are secured to one or a few catches while some are tied up.

Latest Ankara jacket styles for ladies in Nigeria

Ankara jacket styles for ladiesAnkara jacket styles

The beautiful thing about Ankara styles is how you can twist it a little and add your own design to it and it will still be splendid. With or without the cape the style is still amazing and with the off shoulder, it’s even more beautiful.

11. Ankara Gowns

As for Ankara short gown styles, although it is still trending in the Nigerian streets in 2018, everyone wants to try out something different by playing around with the gown. It is interesting to add ruffles and mix a few different colors to your short gown.

Short Ankara gowns

Latest Ankara styles for weddings -short gowns

12. The floral print is actually great in Ankara dresses for wedding ceremonies. These make the skirt area flirty and pretty. Short and fluffy skirts are also popular for wedding bridesmaids. They can be multi-layered. You can also add a pocket or two for that super special look.

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

13. When you choose dresses with short or long sleeves, it is important to pay attention to the kind of fabrics used. Fitted dresses are the most popular trend of the season, especially if it has a turn-down collar.

If we are talking about length, then the choice of whether to be conservative or daring is up to you. Ankara long gown styles are better left for events and occasions. Ankara fabrics used for weddings should be flowing and light.

Ankara styles for weddings

14. Unique Ankara Style.

Bright colors and unique styles are the primary trends. A crimson dress combined with black shoes will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

Unique Ankara styles

15. Also, green trousers with a yellow T-shirt with a large graphic print are perfect for any walk around town. The safari style is manifested in shorts, shirts, trousers, and dresses. You can also try Ankara swimwear. It emphasizes the skin and creates a great impression of the figure.

Trendy Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

These are the main ideas for beautiful Ankara styles and solutions in Nigeria in 2018 for different occasions and as casual wear. Look, choose, come up with new trends, and imagine how these unique Ankara styles will suit you.

16. Ankara Business Looks.

Everyday street fashion for Ankara in Nigeria also includes the strict business look. Cotton and linen suits are in demand here. The style can come in skirt and trousers.

The classic cut of the jacket can be made in the peplum style. But the trousers must always have a wide cut and it should be loose along the entire line of the legs. They should sit perfectly on the waistline.

There are no understated waistlines in this season. The main colors of business suits are white and beige, peach, and lilac, but you can go for the color that you love most. Instead of the classic black color, go for dark-grey, and blend it with a peach or pink shirt.

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in NigeriaAnkara business looks

17. Latest Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles.

The business look on the hot sunny day is not necessarily complemented with a jacket or blazer. You can choose a cotton Ankara shirt or blouse suitable for the office. Under the jacket, it is more appropriate to put on Ankara tops and fitted T-shirts. The Ankara skirt should be straight and strict, the ideal length – to the middle of the knee.

Latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles

18. While making diverse exceptional looks, it is great to consider the Ankara skirt and pullover.

19. Because of the substantial scope of selection of styles and hues, it is elegant to superbly consolidate a few sorts of skirts and shirts. You can make new extraordinary looks each day.

African women look exceptionally beautiful with peplum shirts and long thin flared skirts. The skirt and shirt is another phenomenal method to wear your Ankara. The skirt and shirt can be worn in a similar shading or an ideal mix of a couple of various hues or shades.

The hues in different components of garments can resound and supplement each other. It is a bit much for a skirt and shirt to resemble a suit. The shirts with open shoulders and patterns on the back are likewise extremely in vogue.

20. Frequently in particularly merry forms, bind points of interest are included. They can be a similar shade of the shirt or a different shading. Ankara speaks to the unchangeable type of such a skirt and numerous minor departure from the shading subject and outline.

A business-woman in the 2017-2018 style can discover a few choices for herself to make a statement in her class. Flared skirts additionally stay extremely mainstream.

Trendy Ankara styles

21. Maxi, smaller than usual and midi – they are fundamental for a chic lady’s closet. The skirts with a reasonable length look exceptionally wonderful. These are skirts for extraordinary events in a lady’s life.

Latest Ankara styles - Maxi skirts

22. The flared-skirt hues are more popular than the customary skirts-pencils. Business-women will love the accompanying styles, which look brilliant and exquisite in the meantime! In the event that you need to plan a mix of skirts and pullovers, you can pick any shading blend you like.

For a perfect look, you can consider a blend of single-shading Ankara top of a straight cut and a flared multicolor skirt. For instance, it is chic to join a solitary shading pencil skirt and a chic multi-hued pullover with various outlines and adornments. Luckily, this season, Ankara offers the broadest assortment of choices.

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

23. Here is another amazing Ankara blouse design:

Ankara blouse styles for ladies in Nigeria

24. Maternity Ankara styles

There are several trending Ankara maternity gowns for different stages of pregnancy. The fashion streets of Nigeria have given mothers the opportunity to look classy in Ankara dresses. Nigerian women are known to always desire to look beautiful and outstanding.

Regardless of what stage of pregnancy they are in, or the circumstances, these women always strive to look their best. To look beautiful and calm, it is a good idea to go for the colorful Ankara designs. Ankara is a perfect fabric for pregnant ladies because it is sewn in consideration of their body size and perfect to their fit.

Thanks to the latest designs of Ankara outfits, women no longer have to shy away from pregnancy. The Ankara styles allow you to look as stylish as ever with your baby bump and with the good quality of Ankara fabric, you do not need to worry about how you will feel in the clothes as it is common knowledge that women are more sensitive about their clothes during pregnancy. The Ankara maternity gowns come in all shapes and colors so the pregnant ladies can enjoy several Ankara outfits.

Ankara maternity styles for ladies in Nigeria

Latest Ankara maternity stylesLatest Ankara styles for ladies in NigeriaTrendy Ankara maternity stylesUnique Ankara designsUnique Ankara styles for pregnant ladies

25. Ankara Pants Styles.

Town fashion cannot exist without trousers. It is a practical element clothing and is capable of bringing you some welcome attention. The classic Ankara trousers are always on trend. The waistline of such pants can be extremely high. The bottom can also be flared from the hip, or executed in a retro style.

It is possible to emphasize such trousers by using wide belts and other fun accessories. This season, fashion lovers are not afraid of color. In addition to deep black, red, dark blue, you can use fabrics of lavender, mint, and coral tones to create your look. In general, there is no strict adherence to certain colors, so choose your favorite tones for your pants and you will stand out.

The culottes (knee-length trousers cut to look like a skirt) are also in demand. But it is important that they are made of Ankara dense fabric. Combine these trousers with a jacket or fitted tops to balance the wideness of the pants.

Ankara pants styles for ladies

Latest Ankara pants styles for ladies in Nigeria

26. Ankara Maxi Skirt Styles.

There are several ways in which you can wear your maxi skirt at different times on the year, as shown in one of the images above. Regardless of the mood or occasion, you can never go wrong with an Ankara maxi skirt if you wear it the right way.

A maxi skirt can be combined with a bright or neutral top that can either be long sleeved or short sleeved depending on the weather. You can accessorize your stunning look with jewelry. A maxi skirt won with a crop top will make you appear as a queen.

Latest Ankara maxi skirt styles for ladies in Nigeria

Latest Ankara styles for ladies- Maxi skirt

27. Trendy Ankara Styles.

Ankara styles for teenagers

Street fashion of Nigeria 2018 dictates that shorts are in trend. Like trousers, Ankara shorts could have a very high waist and fitted to your body. The style of shorts should be free with deep pockets added. Shorts with small cuts from the side are very interesting and fashionable to look at.

As for the color, Ankara shorts can be of different tones, in particular, pink, crimson, yellow, and mustard. Such brightness is suitable for bright days. It perfectly emphasizes the fun and playful mood for any lady. The shorts jumpsuit is also a popular trend. But you ought to be careful as it is often better suited for slimmer ladies. The look emphasizes your hips and gives off a classic effect.

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria - Shorts

Ankara styles for teenegers

28. Ankara Top Styles.

Ankara top styles are reasonable for your preservationist closet. The best Ankara top style is a widespread pattern to supplement your pants. To make regular looks, Ankara offers a wide range of tops. It is an exceptional traditionalist component of any lady’s closet. With regards to the cuts of the tops, simply explore and be unique and find what suits you. Numerous finish with open shoulders and back can be made using Ankara.

They are immaculate in case you are going for an occasion or essentially on a walk with companions. Try not to be hesitant to try more styles. Match the shades of the skirt and shirt to your taste and disposition. Be motivated by stars and celebrities and you will most likely end up with a fabulous and stunning look!

Latest Ankara top styles

Ankara top styles for ladies in Nigeria

29. Get Chic in Ankara Outfits

Excellent Ankara outfits suit young ladies with any figure. Outfits designs now incorporate components of various lengths and different styles. You can wear open and straight Ankara long outfits that are below the knee with thin great pants. Additionally, it is recommended that you have a flared outfit with decent creases at the shoulders in your closet.

They can be of various lengths: both above and below-the-knee. There are high- low outfits where the front stays short, yet the back is longer. Short Ankara outfits can likewise accompany a cape which covers the shoulders and looks fabulous. Ankara design offers fascinating and eye-catching outfits.

Free Ankara outfits are additionally ideal for ladies who would prefer not to attract excess attraction on their figure and not need to stress over the outfits obstructing her development. Likewise, these outfits are superb and essential parts of a pregnant lady’s closet.

Unique Ankara styles

30. Ankara Dress Styles.

With the many designs available on magazines and online in the Nigerian fashion industry, a woman with any figure and appearance can easily identify the best dress for her body. If you happen to have thin legs, an extensive variety of dresses is accessible. They can be sewn as an outfit or a dress with a basic outline. Different dresses can be longer or below the knee.

Latest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

Ankara dress stylesLatest Ankara styles for ladies in Nigeria

More conservative designs of Ankara dresses styles can be worn for work. The alternatives of a brighter shading plan and more perplexing cuts are ideal for a three day weekend and excursion with companions. Most recent patterns in Ankara prints will catch your creative energy.

Simply observe this geometrical ultra-present day prints and one-of-a-kind cuts! Moreover, you cannot disregard the long dresses from the latest Ankara styles. Quality texture, including Ankara bind styles, additions, and adornment with rhinestones influence the women to feel like queens on a merry night.

Easy going long dresses are additionally, without a doubt, in fashion. There are very many fabulous Ankara dresses which one can wear for a night out and the best part is that you can slay in them during the day and still appear classy and dressed for the party at night.

I believe guys that your intent for reading this article is resolved. If yes, let me know if you have any question or query related to this article then feel free to comment below.

EDU Team.

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