17 Resume Tips You Haven’t Heard Before in 2022

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17 Resume Tips You Haven’t Heard Before in 2022.

Resume Tips: Having an all-around created resume can be the key to getting your foot in the entryway at the company you had always wanted.

In any case, making sense of how to make your resume completely representative of your experience and also stand out is actually quite difficult. These tips I will give to you I bet you haven’t heard before…

All things considered, hiring managers and recruiters for the most part just go through about seven seconds perusing your resume before concluding whether to push ahead or not.

A great many people know the rudiments of how to assemble a decent work history, yet here are a few tips you most likely haven’t heard before that can enable your resume to confront the seven-second test.

1. Only Include Your Address in Your Favor

If you’re applying to positions in the city or town you already live in, then go ahead and include your address. In this case, it lets the hiring manager know you’re already in the area and could theoretically start working right away.

But if you’re targeting jobs in another area and you’d need to move to start working, it’s probably a good idea to leave your current address off of your resume. Why? Recruiters are sometimes less excited to interview candidates from another city or state since they often require relocation fees.

2. Show Your Passion

Every employer wants you to be passionate about what you do. To grab their attention right at the start, you need to show passion for the industry you’d like to join or the job you’re aiming to get. The most effective way we’ve seen this done is by sharing a side-project connected to the position you’re applying for.

When he was applying to a Content Marketer position at Hotjar, Louis shared his side project on his resume. Having interviewed over 10 interviews with top marketers for his podcast, he knew this would catch their attention. The key was to be as specific as possible, including results and specifics. He believes this was one of the things that moved the needle for him.

3. Network

What does this have to do with your resume? From our research (especially talking to our users directly), networking is essential to your job search. Not only because it allows you to discover new companies and positions you haven’t heard of yet. But also because it helps you learn new things.

In 2022, make your networking a bit more strategic. To put this in practice you need to first find the company you’re excited about. Then, check whether there are any events this company will be attending (job fairs, conferences, meetups, etc.)

Also, check whether they’re organizing some events themselves. If so, definitely attend those and make sure you meet someone from the team. When you send your resume to them, chances are they’ll already know who you are and you’ll be one step closer to that dream job.

4. Be A Name-Dropper

It may be poor form to drop names in everyday life, but you absolutely should do it on your resume. If you’ve worked with well-known clients or companies, go ahead and include them by name. Something like: “Closed deals with Google, Toyota, and Bank of America” will get recruiters’ attention in no time flat.

5. Utilize Your Performance Reviews

You might not think to look to your annual review for resume material, but checking out the positive feedback you’ve received in years past can help you identify your most noteworthy accomplishments and best work attributes two things that should definitely be highlighted on your resume.

Including specific feedback, you’ve received and goals you’ve met can help you avoid needing to use “fluff” to fill out your work experience.

6. Don’t Go Overboard with Keywords

Many companies and recruiters use keyword-scanning software as a tool to narrow the job applicant pool. For this reason, it’s important to include keywords from the job description in your resume but don’t go overboard. Recruiters can spot “keyword stuffing” a mile away.

7. Use Common-Sense Email Etiquette

There are two types of email addresses you shouldn’t use on your resume or when applying to a job via email: your current work email address, or an overly personal or inappropriate email address, like [email protected] Stick with something professional based on your name to make the best possible impression.

8. When It Comes to Skills, Quality Over Quantity

There’s no need to list skills that most people in the job market have (Think: Microsoft Office, email, Mac, and PC proficient), which can make it look like you’re just trying to fill up space on the page. Keep your skills section short, and only include impactful skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying to.

9. Choose to Share Social Accounts Strategically

Including links to social media accounts on a resume is becoming more and more common. But it’s important to distinguish between professional accounts like a LinkedIn profile or Instagram account you manage for work and non-professional ones, like your personal Twitter or Facebook account.

While it might be tempting to include a personal account to show recruiters who you are, you’re better off only listing accounts that are professionally focused. Save your winning personality for an in-person interview.

10. Use Hobbies to Your Advantage

Not all hobbies deserve a place on your resume, but some do. Hobbies that highlight positive personality qualities or skills that could benefit you on the job are worth including.

For example, running marathons (shows discipline and determination) and blogging about something related to your field (shows creativity and genuine interest in your work) are hobbies that will cast you in the best possible light and might pique a recruiter’s interest.

11. Skip Generic Descriptors

Hardworking, self-motivated, self-sufficient, proactive, and detail-oriented are all words you’ll find on most people’s resumes. But most job seekers are motivated and hardworking, so these traits don’t really set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool. Instead, focus on the specific skills and accomplishments that make you different from everyone else applying to the position.

12. Keep an Accomplishment Journal

Keeping a log of your work accomplishments and positive feedback as they come up can make putting together or updating your resume significantly easier. Include as many details as possible so you don’t have to spend time tracking them down later.

13. Use Colours to Stand Out

Another piece of resume advice for 2022 is adding color to your resume. We’re not talking about extremely bright colors that don’t match. We mean subtle colors that complement each other and look professional.

Having a bit of color on your resume can help you stand out from the pile of black and white resumes. If you use the colors of the company you’re applying for, it will instantly signal that you’ve done your research and that it’s not just another position you’re applying for you really care and want this one.

14. Be Confident

Your resume is a document that doesn’t only represent your professional experience, but also you as a person. If you’re proud of who you are and what you’ve achieved (you should be, you’re awesome!), it needs to come across on your resume.

You can achieve this by keeping your resume consistent, specific, and balancing the professional (experience, education, projects, etc.) with the personal (passions, most proud of, life philosophy).

15. Follow-Up

Everyone’s busier than ever these days and missing your email is likely for the potential employer. If you haven’t received a response within a few days, it’s probably because they haven’t seen your email, not that they ignored it.

That’s why you should go ahead and send them a friendly follow-up. In our follow-up email guide, you can find the best advice and examples. In short, send a follow-up after 4-5 business days, with a friendly tone. Don’t send an angry message with “Why haven’t you responded to my email??”

16. Customize Your Resume for Every Position

Have you ever send the same resume to multiple employers? We’ve all done it in hopes to save some time. But spending those extra 20 minutes to update your resume can really higher your chances. The reason is that even though the job descriptions seem the same for certain positions, every company is different.

In addition to being all about you, your resume is also about your potential employer. Especially your summary section (if you’re using it) should be tailored for the company you’re applying for.

17. Give Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Once recruiters receive a resume, a lot of them go ahead and check your social media accounts, 38% of them to be exact. Why not make it easier for them and share links to your best accounts? This could be Instagram or Linkedin

If you share your Linkedin, make sure you’ve updated your profile so it’s in line with your resume. If you share your Instagram, make sure all the pictures can only put you in a good light. Otherwise, you’re risking never to hear back from them.

Although a resume is a formal paper, writing is both an analytical and creative process. Make sure to incorporate those tips above when updating your resume next time, and it will look a lot better than the application of your peers.

Kindly share with your friends and family so they can also learn and make it perfect next time.

EDU Team.

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