9 Crazy Things People Do When They Fall In Love

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9 Crazy Things People Do When They Fall In Love

Love is a magical and exciting feeling that combines the sudden rush of hormones and partial deactivation of the brain to make you feel you are literally flying without wings in a fantasy paradise.

This feeling tends to push us to do things that we would ordinarily see as illogical and unacceptable if were not under the influence. Sometimes the hormones are stronger, the brain is on complete shutdown to the extent we do completely crazy things all in the name of love. Let’s check out 9 of those crazy things:

1. Reject A Scholarship Abroad:

Yes, people spend money, apply multiple times, work hard and pray fervently for a scholarship abroad. Suddenly they fall so deeply in love and coincidentally that’s when the long awaited scholarship chooses to come. Guess what they do? Throw it all away for love. Imagine that!

2. Quit Their Job: If there is any other thing strong enough to make you quit your job apart from getting tired of it, it’s love. People meet, vibe, fall in love and begin to feel that their job does not allow them enough time with their boyfriend/girlfriend, so they quit to spend more time with him or her. Except he/she pays you better than the job or you find a better one, that is crazy!

3. Change Base: You think quitting a job for love is crazy? People relocate completely just to be closer to their love and I am not talking husband or wife here, people quit their job, pack their belongings and relocate just to be closer to their crush. Who says hormones are not powerful!

4. Spend All Their Savings On Their Crush ( Including School Fees): This one is almost becoming normal lol.

Someone falls in love and begins to feel the irresistible urge to impress their love interest, to the extent they exhaust all their savings and go broke just to do that. Students in the University spend their school feels back to back in a bid to tend to the needs of their boyfriend/girlfriend. If that is not crazy then give it another name? Oh Sorry, love!

5. Sponsor Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend Through School: This one is fast becoming an old story lol. Some people fall in love and start feeling the need to become the father or mother of their love interest. They assume all parental responsibility including sponsoring their crush through university even when they themselves can not boast of a degree. Mostly it ends in tears!

6. Drive At Midnight Just To Go Meet Their Crush: If there is one thing that can make you drive at Midnight apart from getting stuck in traffic, it’s love. For some people, all it takes is getting a call from their crush at midnight claiming distress and boom! They are off, not minding the time. If you run into trouble on the way, what will you tell everyone?

7. Become A Monitoring Spirit: Yes, literally just turning into a privacy spy camera, lol. They stalk their crush on social media and physically, save all the photos in their phones, monitor when they go out and come in, what they do, when, how and why. Some people even go as far as following their Boyfriend/Girlfriend around everywhere and anywhere, Ozo style lol. Once they fall in love with you, personal space and time becomes alien.

8. Getting A Permanent Tattoo: Sometimes love can come so sweet and exciting that people permanently tattoo their Boyfriend or Girlfriend’s name on their body and flaunt it with all pride. This is good and shows your partner just how much they mean to you.

However what happens when the love goes sour? You are stuck with your ex’s name on your body. Crazy huh?

9. Turn Against Family And Friends: This happens when one falls in love but his or her family and friends refuse to fall with them. Instead of finding a way to sort things out or at least listen and understand the family/friends side of the argument, they turn against everyone and go off with their partner. When the love fades they come back looking like biblical prodigal son.

Finally I am not saying love is not enough reason to do all of the above however make sure you are doing it for the right love and staying on the safe side because love sometimes can also be deceptive.