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– Best Internships in Korea –

Via internships in Korea through AIP, you have the opportunity to explore this country first hand and experience everything it has to offer, With Korean companies continuously developing their international presence, working opportunities are expanding at a rapid rate, how do you an internship in Korea sounds, just the best ides right.

Then we are here to offer you an amazing and enthralling list of 15 best internships in Korea to enroll in while planning an internship in Korea as an international student.

1. TaLK – Internships in South Korea

About the Internship:

Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) invites you on a Korean Government scholarship to teach English at a public elementary school in a rural area of South Korea.

Benefits include a monthly stipend of KRW 1.5 million (approx. $1,300), a settling-in allowance of KRW 300,000 (approx. $250), an entrance and exit allowance of 1,300,000 KRW (approx. $1,100), accommodation, health insurance and more! Have fun exploring a unique culture and develop a mature global mindset.

Internship Highlights

• UNDERGRADUATES and graduates of accredited universities/colleges are eligible to apply **given they are a citizen from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or South Africa.

• A 6-MONTH CONTRACT is available for those who want a “taste” of volunteer- and work-abroad experience in Korea.

• RURAL elementary schools are our program’s target locations, as geographically disadvantaged areas are the most hard-hit by the inequality in English education.

• 4-WEEK INTENSIVE TRAINING is mandatory as a buffer period for adjustment and briefing of the following months to come. Orientation provides fundamental knowledge of Korea, living and teaching English in South Korea, the education system, teaching methodology.


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2. TEAN: Internship in Seoul, South Korea

TEAN’s internships team helps you every step of the way from personalized work placements based on your interests to re-entry advising to help you market your internship abroad to job opportunities back home.

Along with gaining hands-on experience in the field of your choice, you’ll also enjoy comfortable housing, included cultural activities, ongoing guidance, and plenty of time to explore all that Seoul and the rest of the country have to offer.


3. South Korea Internship with Meiji Internships

A South Korea internship will give you the chance to discover all the mind-blowing sights this exciting destination has to offer:
・Travel back in time at Bukchon Hanok Village
・Bibimbap, Kimchi, Patbingsu: Dive into the world of Korean delicacies
・Give hiking a try at Seoraksan National Park
・Relax by the beach in Busan
・Explore Jeju’s natural beauty

Meiji Internships will fully assist you on your journey to work, travel, and live in Asia. Your internship placement and accommodation is organized – you pave the way for your international career.

Internship Highlights

• Fully Customizable: Choose from several industries and destinations according to your interests and talents.

• Networking Opportunities: Gain work experience in global Japanese companies and establish crucial business connections to kickstart your future international career.

• University Credit: University accredited internships in all major industries with 750+ host companies ranging from multinational corporations to innovative start-ups and influential NGOs across Asia.

• Personal Development: Grow personally as well as professionally by challenging yourself every day through new and exciting projects.


4. Seoul Internship Program | CRCC Asia

This program boasts an unparalleled opportunity to experience an internship in Seoul.

Through this global internship program, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in South Korean culture, cuisine, history, business, and ultimately the fantastic city itself!

Our programs and series of dedicated host-companies will ensure you acquire the most essential skills sought after by employers in some of the most exciting and thriving cities around the globe.

Internship Highlights

• Accommodation provided: Clean, accessible accommodations – our hotel-style apartments can be shared with one or two roommates (of the same gender). This is a great way to meet new people sharing the same experience!

• Includes visa-processing, Airport Pickup, Drop-off & Pre-paid Sim and Travel Cards

• Includes pre-departure services, social, business and networking events, and Access to CareerBridge, our Professional Development Hub, which contains our 12 professional development courses


5. ISA Internships in Seoul, South Korea

ISA Internships in Seoul, South Korea

ISA Internships in Seoul, South Korea

ISA Internships allow you to gain insight into the complex system of Korean business culture.

Aside from its Confucian work values, Seoul is known for its colorful traditions, exotic foods, and strong technological infrastructure.

Don’t speak Korean? Not to worry, placements are available in English and Korean.

Seoul is considered to have the best technological infrastructure in the world with near city-wide wireless internet and DMB (mobile TV technology).

Internship placements in Seoul are limited to the following career fields: Arts and Humanities, Business and Marketing, Education (limited), Political Science, Social Work, and Visual Arts.

Internship Highlights

• Receive personalized advising that helps you identify your internship goals, resume and cover letter revision, interview coaching and receive academic credit.

• Begin your transition into your new country and culture on the Bridging Cultures Program, our in-country orientation. Some highlights included a tour of the Namdaemum market and Gyeongbokgung Palace.

• Get matched with an international internship that suits your specific experiences, skills, and professional goals. Your internship placement will be confirmed BEFORE departure.

• Benefit from the ISA office, enjoy the company of your fellow ISA interns and ISA students and use the Wi-Fi Internet provided at the ISA office.


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6. Internship in East Asia Korea-Japan

The internship is for 3 to 6 months and is open all year-round. Interns can apply whenever, and choose their working period as they wish.

A round trip ticket will be provided by ACOPIA (flight from Incheon airport to Kumamoto Airport and back). Interns will work from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Internship Highlights

• Promoting multicultural cafe

• Promoting Kpop Camp

• Promoting Work Camps abroad

• Visiting Korean high schools, universities, academies, and NGOs

• Supporting staff during Work Camps and Kpop Camps

• Creating Partnerships

• Managing social media accounts

• Original Activity

Volunteering with children as a kindergarten assistant
Promoting friendship exchanges between citizens of Kumamoto and people worldwide, and contributing to the city’s internationalization while working with the Kumamoto City International Center.


7. Internship Program in South Korea

Asia Hope Camp Organization (ACOPIA) offers an internship to students who are interested in international exchange, Korean culture, and are interesting in working for a non-profit organization. Interns will be placed at the main office in Seoul, South Korea.

Here, in our Mapo-gu language cafe, you will give one-on-one language lessons, form partnerships with NGO’s from your home country, participate in promotional activities, and much more. As an added perk, ACOPIA offers weekly Korean lessons and Kpop dance classes to our interns at no extra charge.

Internship Highlights

• marketing

• language exchange

• multicultural classroom

• Korean culture

• NGO work


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