Bowen University Releases 15th Convocation Ceremony: Schedule of Events

Bowen University Convocation Ceremony: This is to notify all the graduating students of Bowen University, Iwo and their parents/guardians that the convocation will hold as follows:

Bowen University Released 15th Convocation Ceremony: Schedule of Events

Date: November 7, 2022.
Time: 9:00am.
Venue: University Worship Centre, Bowen University, Iwo.

Code of Conduct for the Bowen University Convocation Ceremony

All graduands are required to maintain a high standard of personal integrity during Convocation.
The University will regard as a serious offence punishable with stiff penalty any act of immoral behaviour, indecent dressing, disorderliness or disregard to rules and regulations of the University during Convocation.

Dress Code

Graduands are expected to embrace modesty and Godliness in their dressing during Convocation.
Dresses with low necklines or dresses that do not fully cover the shoulders and armpits or trousers are not permitted for female graduands.
Skirts must be long enough to cover the knee and must not be slit above the knee.
In short, any dress that does not conform with Christian Standard and Virtues are strictly forbidden.
Male graduands are expected to dress formally.
Graduands are to ensure that academic gowns, hoods and caps are properly worn.

Conduct in the Convocation Arena

The Directorate of Students’ Support Services wishes to inform the graduating students that two invitation cards have been approved for each graduating student. This will therefore grant parents or guardian access into the convocation venue on Saturday 7th November, 2022. The invitation is valid for use on the convocation date only.

All graduands are advised, in their own interest, to ensure compliance with the above guidelines.


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