Guides On How To Pass 2018/2019 WAEC Examination

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Candidates who intend to write WAEC examination, are always in turmoil when they are told that WAEC examination is difficult. Some even think the exam cannot be surpassed. But believe me, all these are only fallacies. Like I said in one of my post titled; What you should know about WAEC examination, it is very possible to pass WAEC examination if only you have the right tips and study materials.

That notwithstanding, today I will take you through those needed materials and tips to pass WAEC examination. So seat tight as I shear with you, Easy way to pass WAEC examination”

If you are scared because someone told you that WAEC examination is difficult, then you are already a failure. WAEC isn’t as difficult as many people have assume. What makes candidates often fail the examination is because they were preoccupied with enormous fear, and so, they begin to outclass themselves, thus making it less possible for them to pass the examination. If you really want to pass WAEC examination, then obliterate your fears first.

If you have successfully demise your fear, it is now time to start working. Create a reading timetable that contains all the subject you wish to write in your examination. Doing this will help you cover much ground before your exam starts. When creating this timetable, make sure you give more attention to your core subjects. For instance, if I want to study law; using my WAEC result, then I will make sure I spend more time studying my English Language, Mathematics, Literature, Government and CRS/IRS. So, even though I unfortunately fail other subjects, I can still study my wished course, since I was able to pass my core subjects.

Sometimes it is very important to predict you
r own grades, and follow them up with reading. Even if you eventually, didn’t meet up to the grades, it will only be a slight difference from what you had resume. Predicting your grade before examination, conforms you to work towards making that grade.

Yes, this is the most important tip to pass WAEC examination. You will never pass WAEC examination with good grades, except you read voraciously and on time (even if you are a brain box). Reading it the key to every examination. So, if you must pass; then you must read hard. WAEC is not a first or second term examination, it is a secondary school examination. That means, it is an exam for all the terms in secondary school. This is why reading is very key for candidates who wants to pass the examination.

After spending several time, researching on how to make WAEC examination less complex for its candidates, I discovered that WAEC often repeat questions. And this is another good secret many candidate don’t know. There are two main reasons why it is essential to study past WAEC questions, which are:

To know the format WAEC use in setting examination questions.
To familiarise yourself with WAEC questions.
Believe me, if you study past questions assiduously, you are capable of making “Bs” in WAEC examination. Because most WAEC questions are picked from the previously asked ones. However, I didn’t say reading your textbooks and note books are needless, I only said past questions is key.

Sometimes what disqualifies candidates is not that they don’t know answers to the questions asked, but just that, they don’t follow instructions while writing. There are so many given instructions for candidates writing WAEC examination. One of the most prominent one is that, you are not allowed to write in the margin line of every answer sheet.

When you fail to read this instruction, and went ahead to write in it, then your success in that subject is under probability. Because the person who will mark your script may decide to totally fail you because of it.

There are so many other mistakes candidates make, which I may not mention here. But all I want you to know is that, reading instructions before examination is essential, so you don’t end up disorganized.

Sometimes, how far or how well you write does not matter. It also depend on God’s grace. Make sure you pray very well before entering your examination hall. I have seen brilliant students fail WAEC examination. So, it is also important to call on God, to guide your script from anyone that will unduly destroy it. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t read hard. Your success is in your own hands.

Having said all these, I believe anyone who reads this article and make it pragmatic, will surely pass WAEC examination. These are the best way to prepare yourself for WAEC examination. Don’t forget to tell us if this article has helped you.

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