Highest Paying Internships with Median Pay in 2023

Highest Paying Internships with Median Pay in 2023.

Internships: If you’re a college student and you want a high-paying company to run your internship and you feel it’s a big deal to find one then you have to read this article to the end because I have in stock Highest-paying internships you can link up with in the US.

Highest Paying Internships with Median Pay in 2023

Tech companies like Facebook, Uber, Google, and Salesforce pay interns the most, comprising 44% of the list. Finance and consulting firms like KPMG, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs followed closely behind. Other industries, like aerospace, media, and biotech, were represented in the companies Boeing, Bloomberg LP, and Genentech.

Even if you are a parent seeking to help your child land the internship of their dreams or a college student looking ahead to the next life-changing opportunity, below are the highest paying internships in the US.

1. Facebook

Median Monthly Pay: $8,000

Internship Details:  Facebook’s open culture, world-class mentors, and opportunities for real impact are just a few reasons why their intern program was ranked #1 on Glassdoor two years in a row. Discover for yourself what makes interning at Facebook the ultimate learning experience.

2. Microsoft

Median Monthly Pay: $7,100

Internship Details: “If you aspire to be a software developer and are currently majoring in a technical field like Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering, consider Explore Microsoft.

Our 12-weeks summer internships program is designed specifically for freshmen and sophomores and offers a rotational experience.”

3. Salesforce

Median Monthly Pay: $6,450

Internship Details: Salesforce interns and new graduates work on real projects that affect how the business runs, allowing them to make a tangible impact on the future of the company.

“With offices all over the world, Futureforce recruits have the chance to collaborate and connect with fellow employees on a global scale. Salesforce offers job shadowing, mentorship programs, talent development courses, and much more.”

4. Bloomberg L.P.

Median Monthly Pay: $6,400

Internship Details: “After initial orientation and training, you’ll start contributing to projects immediately. Managers will give you constructive feedback and career advice, and through work seminars and cultural and philanthropic events, you’ll gain even more insight into Bloomberg’s culture here.

You will also hear from leaders from across Bloomberg’s businesses throughout the course of the summer.” And if you do well in your internship, there’s a good chance you’ll get to interview for a full-time position.

5. ExxonMobil

Median Monthly Pay: $6,507

Internship DetailsAs an intern within ExxonMobil you get a well-defined task and will be coached by a dedicated ExxonMobil coordinator. “Each internship task contributes to the business and will give you a ‘taste’ of a typical starting position within ExxonMobil.

Internships vary greatly in duration and content. The various subjects cover virtually all aspects of engineering and economist work: process simulation, safety studies, monitoring software, economic studies, etc.”

6. Yelp

Median Monthly Pay: $6,400

Internship DetailsYelp hosts roughly 150 interns each year and they take a lot of pride in the program, which consists of three 3-month terms. When a new intern class starts, they have a significant impact on Yelp’s engineering team of about 400 people.

Their work makes a substantial mark on Yelp and contributes to the company’s success. Interns come from all backgrounds and work as a software developer, product manager, or design interns.

7. Amazon

Median Monthly Pay: $6,400

Internship DetailsAmazon is an “innovative and fast-paced workplace; there is ample opportunity for you to work on complex and challenging problems that can impact millions of Amazon customers. Our internship program is a great way to explore working at Amazon and gain hands-on experience across different disciplines.

To help support interns’ growth and ability to deliver on projects, Amazon offers them robust training modules, on-the-job and experiential learning methods, guided mentorship, and a senior leader presentation series.”

8. Apple

Median Monthly Pay: $6,400

Internship Details: “At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you can work on critical projects, in the U.S., and around the world.”

9. Yahoo

Median Monthly Pay: $6,080

Internship DetailsA summer at Yahoo is the best way to discover first hand what life at Yahoo will be like. “There won’t be any fake projects or mailroom sorting during your summer but it certainly won’t be all work and no play.”

Currently, Yahoo is looking for interns in the following departments:  Office of Inclusive Diversity, Robotics, Social Media, BHRP Legal, and Media Entertainment.

10. VMware

Median Monthly Pay: $6,080

Internship Details: “As an intern at VMware, you will create innovative solutions and solve complex problems. If you want the opportunity to challenge your thinking and define your future, come to VMware.

Dare to discover your full potential and shape what’s next. We offer a variety of opportunities that will help you expand your network and learn from industry leaders. You will build your career through meaningful work experiences and share your accomplishments with the VMware community.”

11. Intuit

Median Monthly Pay: $5,440

Internship DetailsIntuit interns experiment with cloud, web, mobile, and SaaS technologies. “And you’ll benefit from some of the best training, development, and mentoring around.

Intuit’s intern, co-op, rotational development programs, and entry-level positions are not just another job. You’ll build a career, friendships, and customer experiences that enrich lives in bold new ways.”

12. Juniper Networks

Median Monthly Pay: $5,440

Internship Details: “New talent is the lifeblood of the technology industry. By embracing the next generation of network developers and connecting with their passion, Juniper Networks is building the pipeline of high-caliber talent that is vital for innovation. They are also committed to helping develop that talent grow and flourish.”

13. Google

Median Monthly Pay: $6,000

Internship DetailsGoogle interns are involved and solving problems from the start. “Business interns come from all backgrounds, bring their diverse talents to drive the business, grow our people, and put the user before all else.”

For example, “BOLD interns join teams across Sales, Marketing and People Operations to identify challenges, collaborate on building solutions, and drive meaningful change for clients and users.”


Median Monthly Pay: $5,770

Internship DetailsAs an intern, you’ll join fellow NVIDIANs in nearly all facets of the business, including company meetings.

Plus, “you’ll get to attend special, intern-only activities, where you can network, build relationships, and have fun. Internships are high-impact, rewarding, and available year-round, for a minimum of twelve weeks in duration.”

15. Workday

Median Monthly Pay: $5,440

Internship Details: “Workday aggressively seeks the best and the brightest college students and graduates to join Generation Workday, a program that’s uniquely designed to nurture, develop, and challenge future leaders.” If you are passionate and innovative, you should join [their] team.

16. BlackRock

Median Monthly Pay: $5,400

Internship DetailsAt BlackRock, you can kick off the career you want. “Whatever your interests, there is a place for you to grow at BlackRock – across businesses, backgrounds, and borders.

Both their graduate and internship programs offer opportunities in each of BlackRock’s business areas: Advisory & Client Support, Analytics & Risk, Corporate, Investments, Client Business, and Technology.”

17. MathWorks

Median Monthly Pay: $5,120

Internship Details: “Graduate and undergraduate students gain valuable work experience and apply what they’ve learned in school. As a MathWorks intern, you’ll work on your own projects in an atmosphere that’s collegial and fun.

You’ll have a mentor to get you started, milestones and deliverables, and regular feedback on your performance. MathWorks offers internships lasting between three and six months, both over the summer and throughout the year.”

18. Chevron

Median Monthly Pay: $5,000

Internship Details: “Chevron’s internship opportunities enable you to use what you’ve learned, expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience.” Interning is a great way to explore the potential career choices that lie ahead.

19. Adobe

Median Monthly Pay: $5,120

Internship DetailsWhen you come to Adobe as a university student or graduate, “you’ll work side by side with the tech industry’s biggest thinkers and creators to help change the world through digital experiences. You’ll be welcomed into a community that loves to dream up groundbreaking ideas and make them real.

You’ll join forces with master statisticians and serial entrepreneurs, experience designers and engineering fellows, community activists and women who swim with sharks — and you’ll stand out for who you are and what you bring to the team.”

20. AIG

Median Monthly Pay: $4,616

Internship Details: “AIG career opportunities for students include STEM jobs, actuarial jobs, underwriting jobs, data analyst jobs, and many other insurance internships. High-performing interns may be considered for a full-time job after graduation.”

21. Qualcomm

Median Monthly Pay: $5,040

Internship Details: “Working at Qualcomm may be the closest you’ll get to experiencing time travel. You won’t just work in a lab, or write lines of code. You’ll be an integral part of what’s next for mobility and the world.”

22. Capital One

Median Monthly Pay: $5,000

Internship DetailsCapital One’s paid internship programs run from June through early August throughout the country. “Interns are involved in some of the company’s most critical business decisions, and they work with the best and brightest in Capital One’s collaborative, team-oriented environment.”

23. Bank of America

Median Monthly Pay: $4,570

Internship DetailsBank of America offers a wide variety of internships for students of all ages and degrees. For example, the Consumer Banking Summer Associate Program develops students by engaging them in real-world business assignments.

MBA candidates experience a 10-week summer program in areas like Retail Banking, Preferred and Small Business Banking, and Global Marketing & Corporate Affairs.

Gone are the days of fetching coffee and running errands, at least for some internships. The highest-paid interns in America earn more than double the wage rate of the average US worker, according to job-reviews site Glassdoor.

While the median income in the US is $43,400 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ April 2023 report), Facebook interns are getting paid up to $8,000 per month, Glassdoor says, which would equal $96,000 a year.

24. Deutsche Bank

Median Monthly Pay: $4,640

Internship Details: Deutsche Bank’s Internship Program spans a wide range of locations and paths. “Whether your interests lie in investment banking, human resources, or risk management, an internship with Deutsche prepares you for success in an international banking environment.”

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25. Accenture

Median Monthly Pay: $4,960

Internship DetailsInterning at Accenture will give you everything you need to start your career. “You’ll have the opportunity to experience our company culture, expand your network, and build skills that you’ll be able to apply anywhere.

And you won’t just be shadowing others—you’ll be in the mix right from the start. Your responsibilities might include conducting research, analyzing data, testing software, or writing reports.”

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