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– KOHLS Career Guide –

Kohls is the second-largest American departmental store retailing chain with over 1,100 stores across the country. It is a top choice for fashion lovers and there’s always an option for the entire family.

This article will guide you on the application procedure and inform you of the job positions available and your contact address.

They have high-quality clothing for people with sophisticated tastes. If you wish to work for one of the renowned names in fashion and retail, then Kohls’s is the right choice.

About KOHL’S

Kohls is the nation’s second-biggest department store chain, with over 1,100 locations throughout the country. Kohls, a great pick for fashionistas and always a good alternative for the whole family.

Kohls’s can cater to even the most discerning demands with its large selection of high-quality clothes. It is the place to work if you want to work for one of the most recognizable brands in fashion and retail.

Kohls’s offers a wide range of jobs in various departments of the company, including Retail, Support, Administrative, and Customer Service. Visit the website kohlscareers.com to find a position that best suits your needs and skills.


Kohl’s is the country’s oldest retailer, with over a thousand locations and plans to expand. They provide millions of individuals with fresh entry-level career prospects.

Kohl’s employs a recruiting manager who selects candidates who meet the company’s standards. 

The following are the job criteria that you must satisfy to be considered for a position at Kohls.

a. Possess excellent communication skills. With a cheerful attitude, meet and welcome customers. Assist the consumer in finding the goods they want.

You must address client requests and provide a pleasant response to their questions.

b. Kohl’s appreciates individuals that are knowledgeable about their goods as well as current trends.

c. During interviews, you must conduct yourself professionally.

d. A career at Kohl’s requires organizational abilities and the capacity to utilize your thoughts in an emergency.

e. To be considered for a job at Kohl’s, you must pass a drug test.

f. Similarly, if you want to work at Kohl’s retail department store, you must be physically and intellectually fit. Because you may be required to do some physical work to be considered for certain positions.


Minimum Age Requirement to Work at Kohl’s

Requirement to Work at Kohl's

Requirement to Work at Kohl's

“How long do I have to be to work at Kohl’s?” is a question that many young people ponder? There is a 17-year-old minimum age to work there.

However, if students are interested in gaining expertise in the departmental industry, Kohl’s Career provides a variety of work alternatives.

Entry-level occupations such as cashier, sales associate, and housekeeping are available.

Furthermore, if you demonstrate any customer service aptitude throughout the hiring process, you may be considered for a job in the customer service department.

Kohls Application Procedure

1. To apply for a KOHLS job opening online, visit the KOHLS Careers Portal on www.kohls.com. You can also download the PDF format of the application to have an idea of the application requirements.

2. On the portal, the Kohls’s store location will indicate on the search menu where you can apply for the job. Or you can select the “Advanced Search” option to start job hunting.

This will allow you to choose the job that matches your interests.

3. Click on the name of the position you like, this will open the job offer on a new page. Read the job description and requirements, and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Apply Now”.

4. You will need to create an account if it is your first time applying for a Kohls’s job. After creating your account, you can then continue the application process.

5. Once you have filled out the application form, you can submit it. You can use your account to track your application progress; you will be informed if you can move on to the next stage, which is the interview.

Be relaxed during the interview, and always give relevant answers.

Here are some Kohl’s interview questions listed below:

1. Why have you chosen to apply here?

2. Why should you be considered for this job?

3. What do you know about customer service?

4. What would you do if you had to handle more than one customer at a time?

5. What do you think is a positive work environment?

6. How would you deal with an upset customer?

7. How would you answer a question you are not qualified to answer?


Benefits of Working at Kohls

1. Healthcare Kohls Employee Benefits.

2. Insurance Kohls Employee Benefits.

3. Time off Kohl’s Benefits.

4. Finance and Retirement Kohls Benefits.

5. Special Kohls Employee Benefits and Perks:

6. Competitive Kohls Salaries.

7. Educational and Social Programs.

8. Incentive and Bonus Programs.

9. Wellness Programs.

10. Kohls’s Employee Discounts.

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