LASU Departmental Cut Off Mark for all Courses

Students who are looking attentively at the Lagos State University for 2018 academic year would be happy to know if they have a chance to enter this institution in Nigeria this year or not. With UTME exam results becoming available to all this year’s candidates, you should also learn about LASU cut off mark for all courses and institution faculties. We have created a list of all its disciplines that are possible to study here along with their current minimum scores.

Who doesn’t know about entry grades? JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board in Nigeria) has created some guidelines for citizens of Nigeria. Nigerian universities, colleges, and other higher educational institutions in the country can admit all students who earn at least 180 points at UTME exams. By the way, UTME 2018 examinations are almost over. Some students already know their results, some still don’t have this important information.

If you already know your UTME benchmark, you can compare your personal scores with the lowest points permitted for LASU admission and see whether you get the amazing chance to study for your future profession here this year or not.

LASU Admission

Of course, all candidates have to understand that each institution including Lagos State University (or LASU) hope to find scholars who earn the possible marks at the exams. The competition is often tight, so understanding LASU departmental cut off mark for all courses does not guarantee you will enter this university.

LASU can only accept a certain amount of students. Moreover, these will be only those applicants who have the highest mark and boast great rankings at school. Therefore, there is more to consider than just Lagos State University cut off mark.

LASU cut off mark for all courses

It often happens that students who do not achieve the minimal score allowed for LASU admission cannot apply for this university that year because of a big number of successful applications. Still, do not worry if your scores are lower than necessary. You can always take a second attempt the next year (only remember to educate yourself and prepare for future UTEM exams).

Cut off marks for LASU departments and faculties

Faculty of Arts (includes three main disciplines)

Arabic language – you must get at least 190 points
Music – cut off mark is 190
Christian religious studies – it is necessary to score 190 or more
International studies and history – minimum points are 190 but you should score more than this
Islamic religious studies – you need to get at least 190
English language – your cut off points have to be at least 190
Theatre art – cut off point is 190
Portuguese language – score 190 or more points and you can be possibly admitted
Education (includes 22 courses)

French – score 190 or more to study this language at LASU
Arabic – the minimum points are 190
English – you must score 190 or more
Islamic studies – receive 190 marks or more to be admitted
CRS – cut off points are 190
History – earn at least 190 for admission
Mathematics – you should get at least 190 points
Biology – cut off mark is 190
Yoruba – this educational program requires a minimum grade of 190
Chemistry – your result should be 190 or more
Health and physical education – receive 190 on the exam and you could be fine
Physics – cut off mark is 190
Health – cut off grades are 190
Educational technology – score at least 190
Computer science – cut off grades are 190
Accounting – you should earn the minimum of 190 points
Business – cut off grade is 190
Geography– the minimum you have to aim at is 190
Political science – cut off grade is 190
Educational management – cut off point is 190
Economics – you must get 190 or more grades
Law department

Law – your exam result should be at least 190
Agriculture school

Agriculture – score at least 190 grades
Management faculty

Insurance – candidates have to earn at least 190
Finance and banking – you have to get the minimum score of 190
Accounting – it is necessary to achieve 190 or higher exam results
Management technology – your examination results should be at least 190 points
Personnel management and industrial relations – your examination points should reach 190 or more
Public administration – cut off points are 190
Communications faculty

Mass communications – you should score at least 190
Science faculty

Botany – cut off grade is 190
Zoology – cut off mark is 190
Microbiology – cut off grades are 190
Computer science – cut off mark is 190
Biochemistry – score the minimum of 190
Chemistry – cut off mark is 190
Mathematics – earn at least 190 grades
Aquatic biology and fisheries – cut off grades are 190
Physics – cut off point is 190
Social science faculty

Psychology – exam results should reach 190 or more points
Sociology – cut off marks are 190
Planning and geography – cut off grade is 190
Political science – you have to achieve the minimum result of 190 points
Economics – cut off mark is 190
Medicine college

Dentistry – cut off grade is 190
Surgery and medicine – you have to score more than 190 marks
Nursing – cut off grades are 190
Physiology – cut off mark is 190
Engineering (includes 3 disciplines)

Computer and electronic engineering – your results should be 190 or more points
Mechanical engineering – you have to achieve at least 190 grades
Polymer and chemical engineering – cut off grades are 190
Transport faculty and course

Candidates have to score 190 or more grades
Now, you know what LASU cut off mark is for all disciplines and faculties at this Nigerian university. If your scores are way higher, you are lucky, because your profile may be given an admission privilege and you have a bigger chance of being admitted.

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