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2020/2022 NABTEB GCE Biology (Alt to Practical) Answers Expo Runs

Here’s the Official NABTEB Timetable for May/June 2022/2023 Academic Session.

2022 NABTEB Timetable Below;

Chemistry paper1 objective and essay
(9: 00am – 11:30am)
Literature in English
(12:30pm – 2:30)

Tuesday 15th 2022
Physics paper1 obj and essay
Financial accounting obj and essay

Wednesday 16th June 2022
Biology paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:20am)

Commerce Obj and Essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)

Office practice Obj and essay
(1pm – 4:20pm)

Salesmanship obj and essay
(9am to 12:20pm)

Thursday 17th June 2022
Agricultural science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)

Saturday 19th June 2022
Animal science paper 1 Obj and essay
(9am – 11:30am)
Literature in English paper II Drama and poetry
(3:40pm – 5:40pm)

21st June 2022
Mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:30am)
Mathematics paper II Essay
(10:30 – 1pm)
ICT Paper obj and essay
(3pm – 5:40pm)

22nd June 2022
English language paper I Obj/test of oral
(9am – 10:40am)
Essay writing comp. and summary
Civic Obj and Essay
(3pm – 5:30pm)

23rd June 2022
Further mathematics paper I Obj
(9am – 10:45am)
Further mathematics paper II Essay
(10:45am – 12:45pm)
Government obj and essay
(1pm – 3:30pm)

24th June 2022
CRS obj and essay
(12 noon – 2: 30pm)

Islamic studies obj and essay
(12noon – 2:30pm)

Friday 25th June 2022
Economics obj and essay
(9am – 12:20pm)
Geography paper I Obj and essay
(3pm – 6pm)

Monday 28th June 2022
Physics Paper II Practical
(9am – 11:45am)

Tuesday 29th June 2022
Chemistry paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

Wednesday 30th June 2022
Biology paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

Friday 2nd July 2022
ICT Paper II Practical
(9am – 12noon)

Monday 5th July 2022
Agricultural science paper II
(9am – 11am)

Wednesday 7th July 2022
Geography paper II (PRACTICAL and PHY. Geography)
(9am – 11am)

Thursday 8th July 2022
Animal science paper II Practical
(9am – 11am)

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