NECO Choose Date for Practical Chemistry and Commerce

This is to Inform the General public that NECO Has released new DATE FOR PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY AND COMMERCE.

The ongoing 2023/2024 NECO examination has released the date for chemistry practical, economic, and commerce that are interupted during #endsars protest. the affected states include Lagos State,ondo state,Oyo state,Edo state majorly.

It was declared that Oyo state only left with chemistry practical and commerce. meanwhile some state like Edo state still left with all the mentioned subject. Students concern should report to their various center with all necessary tools.

The time table below


Practical 2023 Specimen: Candidates for the Neco chemistry practical will get the usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work. The Neco chemistry practical reagents will include;

  • (i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
  • (ii) Dilute ammonia solution
  • (iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
  • (iv) Dilute trioxonitrate(V)acid
  • (v) Distilled water
  • (vi) Red and blue litmus paper
  • (vii) Potassium hexacyanoferrate(III)
  • (viii) silver trioxonitrate(V)
  • (ix) Methyl orange

The NECO Chemistry Practical apparatus are as follows;

  • (a) one boiling tube.
  • (b) Five test tubes.
  • (c) Filtration apparatus.
  • (d) source of heat.

Each candidate should be supplied with the following An,Bn,Cn. Where “n” is the candidate’s serial number. 150cm³ of hydrochloric acid solution in a bottle labelled “An” . The acid solution which should be the same for all candidates will contain 12.0cm³ of concentrated hydrochloric acid per dm³ of solution.