Press Release on LASU GNS Examination Stamped

Lagos State University (LASU) management has issued an official statement as regards an incidence of a stampede involving some 100 level students of the university.

Press Release on LASU GNS Examination Stamped
LASU GNS Examination Stamped

On the unfortunate incidence of a stampede involving some 100 Level students of the Lagos State University, which occurred as they wrote the GNS 102 examination on Monday, 6th January, 2023, the University wishes to state as follows, that:

1.100 Level Students were scheduled to write the GNS 102 Examination on Monday 6th and Tuesday, 7th January 2023, between 8am- 2pm daily;

2. The students were scheduled to write the exam in batches, each batch spending an hour in the CBT hall; the arrangement would have seen the students write in six (6) batches on the first day;

3. Anxious to be among the earlier set, quite a number of the students attempted to force their way into the 500 seat CBT Centre in defiance of the efforts of the Security Team to maintain order;

4. That resulted in a stampede that caused some of them to faint while a few others sustained minor injuries;

5. The affected students were promptly rushed to the University Health Centre and the Igando General Hospital for proper treatment. Only one of the injured is still being treated at the General Hospital.

6. The GNS examination has now been rescheduled to take place on Wednesday, 8th and Thursday 9th January, 2023 at the CBT Centre and the Language Laboratory, Faculty of Arts, Main Campus, Ojo. Each student will also be allotted specific time to appear and sit for the examination;

7. The University regrets the unfortunate incidence and is determined to put measures in place to avoid a recurrence in future.

Ademola Adekoya

Coordinator, Centre for Information Press and Public Relations
Lagos State University