Top Ten Jobs in Nigeria that Don’t Require a CV or Resume : Current School News [Must Read]


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– Jobs that Doesn’t Require a CV –

 Most jobs vacancies or job positions would need you to submit a CV which would be filled with all of your qualifications, objectives, skill sets, and everything required in a standard CV before you get a job. 

This article will help you know jobs that do not require a CV or a resume before being employed.

1.  Security Guard

Primary Responsibilities:

Security guards are usually in charge of protecting different assets and persons. Most security guard employers don’t need a résumé, so merely applying for the position is generally enough to get you an interview.

Those that are employed, on the other hand, are usually in the excellent physical condition and have some prior experience dealing with physical conflict. In addition, applicants may be required to get a guns license and pass a drug test.

2. Veterinary Assistant

Primary Responsibilities:

At a veterinarian clinic, veterinary assistants do things like feed the animals and make sure they eat, exercise them, give them medicines, and help vets with surgeries,

as well as clean the pens, operating rooms, and surgical equipment.

Veterinary assistants may be required to do a variety of administrative tasks, depending on the size and nature of the veterinarian’s practice.

Only high school graduation is required, and successful candidates will get on-the-job training.

4. Medical Assistance

Primary Responsibilities:

Medical assistants work in medical offices and clinics, assisting doctors with basic activities such as obtaining medical histories, explaining different treatments and procedures to patients,

doing laboratory testing, dispensing prescriptions, changing wound dressings, and other similar responsibilities.

They may also be required to conduct administrative tasks such as organizing appointments and answering the phone.

The position is ideal for students interested in pursuing a medical profession since it allows them to get first-hand experience working in a hospital setting.

4. Waiter/waitress


Primary Responsibilities:

Waiters are often employed at establishments that offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and their primary responsibilities include the preparation of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

They must also communicate with their clients to accept orders and provide suggestions about the beverages they should get.

Successful candidates must attend a bartending school, even though no CV is necessary.

5. Technical Support Representative

Primary Responsibilities:

Technical support personnel’s primary responsibilities include supporting clients who are encountering problems with a piece of technical equipment.

They also keep track of client interactions and assist their employers in compiling thorough reports on the most prevalent problems.

Although some tech support jobs don’t need a resume, most positions require applicants to show solid communication and technical abilities.


6. Customer service agent

Jobs that Doesn't Require a CV

Jobs that Doesn't Require a CV

Primary Responsibilities:

A broad range of businesses engages customer care professionals to address any consumer query.

Answering customer queries regarding the company’s goods and services, addressing any possible consumer concerns, and generally preserving the company’s image while engaging with current and future customers are common responsibilities.

Although no prior credentials are usually necessary for this position, successful applicants must show that they are skilled communicators with a calm temperament. Before beginning employment, a brief training course is frequently necessary.

7. Delivery Person

Primary Responsibilities:

The tremendous growth of online shopping has resulted in a huge rise in the need for delivery drivers, and most employers do not require candidates to provide a résumé.

Driving a delivery vehicle from the hiring company’s warehouse to a customer, who can be an individual or another company, is part of the job description.

The sole apparent need is that the candidate has a valid driver’s license, and certain delivery jobs may additionally demand the driver to carry relatively heavy products from their vehicle to the specific location of the customer.

8. Sales Agents 

Primary Responsibilities:

Various firms use sales agents to oversee the selling of their products and services.

Their key responsibilities usually include marketing items via multiple channels, presenting them to prospective consumers in a manner that accentuates their benefits, responding to client concerns, and closing sales.

Sales representatives may work in a broad range of industries, and many sales positions do not need a resume. Soft skills, such as strong communication, a professional appearance, and high energy levels, are standard work criteria.

9. Truck Driver 

Primary Responsibilities:

Truck drivers are primarily responsible for operating and driving huge vehicles.

They usually have to load the goods, double-check their correctness, examine the vehicle for technical issues, and then drive the cargo to its destination and unload it.

They must also undertake routine maintenance and repairs on their vehicles. The position does not need a résumé, but applicants must have a certificate from a recognized truck driving school.

Truckers also spend a large amount of time away from home because of the enormous distances they often traverse.


10. Real Estate Agent 

Primary Responsibilities:

Real estate agents are among the highest-paid jobs at the beginning level.

Finding properties for sale and rent on the open market, persuading their owners to allow you to actively seek buyers or renters in exchange for a commission, locating interested parties and showing them the properties,

And finally, brokering the negotiations between property owners and anyone interested in buying or renting that property are all part of the job

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