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WAEC 2020 Fisheries Practical Expo, West Africa Examination Council Fisheries Practical Questions And Answer Expo Runz Now Posted for free.

WAEC 2020 Fisheries (Practical) Expo Questions And Answers Expo Runs

This is to Inform the WAEC 2020 Candidates, that the Eduwapaz™ is ready to Provide the Solutions for the WAEC 2020 Fisheries Practical Expo Answers (May/June).

Here Is The Verified Waec 2020/2021 Fisheries Practical Expo Questions And Answers – May/June Expo Runz Eduwapaz.com


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B=Cow dung
C= pond water
D=Sec Chi disk
E=Fish water
G=Fish meal
H=fish box
J=Fish skin
K=gill net
L=Cast net

Fertilizers used in ponds stimulate the growth of microscopic plants called algae or plankton


(i) Fertilizers are used in ponds to increase the production of the natural food organisms to be eaten by the fish.

(ii)When a fertilizer is added to a fish pond, the chemicals it contains dissolve in the water which have advantage over cow dung

(ii)The chemicals attached to soil particles may also later be released back into the water slowly, over a long period of time which have advantage over cow dung

Specimen D, E, F

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Specimen D:
is used to test the pH of a liquid

Specimen E:
To ensure accurate data, always double-check the units (e.g. feet, meters, etc) used to mark your Secchi disk and the distance between the rope’s marking intervals (e.g. every meter, every half-meter, etc).

Specimen F:
Easier to ship, store and handle than hay.

Fish bag

Making leather

For burn relief
(iii) Fish gelatin obtain from fish skin can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, and photographic industries due to its unique chemical and physical properties

(i) For cutting fishes like head cutting, cutting into steaks
(ii) For chopping of cartilages and tendons

(i) Fish liver oil
(ii) Fish bone
(iii) Fish Manure
(iv) Fish Body oil
(v) Fish Silage

(i) By washing properly
(ii) Sharpen the blade when blunt
(iii) Always cut on cutting boards

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