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WAEC 2020 History Expo, West Africa Examination Council History (Obj And Theory) Questions And Answer Expo Runz Now Posted for free.

WAEC History Expo (Obj And Theory) Questions And Answers Expo Runs

This is to Inform the WAEC 2020 Candidates, that the Eduwapaz™ is ready to Provide the Solutions for the WAEC 2020 History Expo Answers (May/June).

Here Is The Verified Waec 2020/2020 History Expo Obj And Theory Questions And Answers – May/June Expo Runz Eduwapaz.com


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(i)ICT provides opportunities for the
teaching of historical enquiry, including
the generation and testing of historical
hypotheses and problems, as opposed
to only learning historical facts
(ii)ICT and multimedia fit well with the multi-source nature of history – they
can give a ‘total picture’ and can allow
pupils to integrate evidence into their
(iii)ICT promotes collaboration
between pupils and can contribute to
the development of historical thinking
(iv)ICT helps to alleviate the constraints of writing and allows pupils to concentrate on the specific topic
or discussion – this encourages reflection, analysis and understanding
(v)ICT can be used to help teachers support, or scaffold, the development
of historical thinking and understanding at all levels


*)furniture design.
Before producers start producing furniture, they must be designed. Designers have many ideas for furniture in various styles. In recent years, apart from the appearance of furniture, great importance is attached to its functionality. The approved project is sent to the production hall, where the next stages of furniture creation follow.

*) – Selection of materials for the production of furniture .
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*) – Shearing and transport.
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*)Drying .
The process of drying wood is extremely important, because it has a big impact on the quality of manufactured furniture. In a situation where the wood is very dry, it dries in the apartment as a finished piece of furniture. Then the deformation process takes place. The standard adopted for the production of furniture is humidity reduced to 8-10%. The use of this standard significantly affects the quality of furniture.

(i) By Mary Slessor; a Scottish missionary who worked tirelessly for women and children’s rights, and halted the practice of killing twins among the Efik people in southern Nigeria
(ii) By ending barbaric practices, Christianity began to be deeply engrained in the way of life of Nigerians after obtaining independence from Britain.
(iii) By guiding Family names, similar to those of former missionaries became common amongst Nigerians and many opted for Biblical names more often than before. These Christian names are more common in southern Nigeria where Christianity is the dominant religion.
(iv) By provided a platform for the establishment of western education in Nigeria. Western ideas of individualism and rationalism began to replace traditional values of communal living and existence. In schools, people were introduced to new ideologies, which spanned across different areas of human existence.
(v) By emergence of churches in Nigeria dates back to 1853 when St. Peter’s Church was founded in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded by Catechist James White, Reverend Charles Gollmer and Reverend Ajayi Crowther, who later became Bishop. It was the first ever church building to be erected in Lagos. Over time, more churches were built in other cities as Christianity continued to spread in Nigeria.

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