Young Dolph – 100 Shots | Download Mp3, Video, Lyrics

The news of Young Dolph‘s death is hard to digest. It came both suddenly and unexpectedly, quickly flitting from unsubstantiated rumor to full-on confirmed report complete with photos and eyewitnesses’ live video streams.

In that in-between time, before the rumors became a verified report, we frantically reached out to Dolph’s camp, perhaps attempting to placate ourselves with wishful queries of this-rumor-cannot-be-true???

However, many have been returning to 2017’s Bulletproof due to its significance — the album’s title was in response to a failed attempt on his life that occurred in February of that same year

As we reported at the time, Dolph was shot at over 100 times and walked away without a scratch, thanks to bulletproof panels in his car. This is not only alluded to in the album’s title but in the album’s opening record, “100 Shots.”

Listen and Enjoy Below;